Topic 5: Do we actually need WritersDiscuss?

by Jacqueline Windh

Well, I thought this was a good idea… but the response has not been as enthusiastic as I’d hoped for.

It was definitely an experiment. Personally, I really appreciate the chance to discuss ideas, and to share information, with like-minded writers. I saw this as a chance to really connect with other writers from all around the world – to stimulate discussion, to open our minds and also to just share practical information.

But, like I said, the response has not been amazing. I was happy to put in a lot of work the first few months to make sure that people hear of it. But I am not into kicking butts to “make” people participate. The idea was that people would see this site as something of value to them as a professional or working writer, and would want to participate. I don’t want people to participate because I asked them to – I hoped that people would participate because they got something out of it.

So, this week’s (possibly final) topic is:

  • Do we actually need Writers Discuss? Do we need a forum like this where we can both ask questions and share ideas?

And a few other questions:

  • Do you already have a writers discussion forum in your life, and that’s why you don’t need this one? If yes, please let us know – and if it is public, please share the link?
  • Is there something I could have done to make this site more inviting to you? Perhaps discussion topics that are different to the ones I have proposed? Or perhaps a different format or venue?

So I will see how the response to this discussion is.

If you want Writers Discuss to continue, then please participate! If there’s not much participation this week, I will classify it as an “interesting experiment” and shut it down…