The publishing world is changing. We writers need to talk to one another. Writers Discuss is a place where we can do that.

This site hosts two discussion topics per month. On the 1st of each month, a discussion will open on a topic that relates to the creative or artistic side of writing. On the 15th of each month, a discussion will open that pertains more to the business of being a writer. Each discussion will be open for one month.
Discussion Schedule

On the scheduled day to start the discussion, I will post a very short introduction to the topic. I will try to post some links to interesting articles that relate to that topic, or some questions for us all to think about, or both. And then we rock and roll!

The aim of this site is to promote networking and mentoring, and the sharing of knowledge. That helps us all. In keeping with that, it makes sense that we all know who we are talking to. So please use your real name when you post – anonymous comments may not be approved. To participate, simply add your post as a comment to the topic at hand.

Links and self-promo
Feel free to link to your own website when you comment, and to your past publications or work in progress if those links are relevant to the current discussion. Blatant self-promo is discouraged (it doesn’t reflect well on the writer anyway) but subtle self-promo is fine!

Discussion schedule
I’ll try to schedule all topics a month or more in advance, so we all know what is coming. You can find the current Discussion Schedule here.

What do you want to discuss?
If you have ideas for discussion topics, please feel free to post them as comments to the Discussion Schedule page. Even better if you can post them with a few links of relevant articles or blog posts on your suggested topic which will help to get the discussion rolling. I’ll do my best to schedule your suggestions in.

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